Monday, June 13, 2016


Preventing Terrorist Attacks

One solution I ascribe to to prevent or simply to deter shooters is to place trained, legal and ordinarily dressed guards suitably armed into every medium where there is an expected crowd. Their rule of engagement is simple: See a gunner, shoot a gunner. Training comes in to prevent people having concealed carry weapons from being mistaken for terrorist gunners. These people in turn must be trained also to prevent them from mistakenly shooting a guard.

Obviously, these guards cannot be in uniform, since they would be the first a gunner would shoot. I suspect most guards would be hesitant to shoot a person displaying a gun until they actually used it, which means there would probably be at least some casualties before the gunner is taken out. But there would not be 50 or 100 casualties.

A further thought is for managers of crowded places to offer free entry to concealed carry citizens, thus potentially thwarting a shooter. Even just advertising this would have a somewhat dowsing effect on shooters.

A second line of defense is to screen people entering a crowded venues, perhaps with explosive-sniffing dogs to detect suicide bombers.

The list of crowded places is not too long: theaters; airports; bus and train terminals; stadiums; schools; marches of various kinds; night clubs; large restaurants; markets; auditoriums; demonstrations; race venues; and long outside lines to places of attraction.

Personally, I would pay an extra fee or tax to have guards at these places I might attend. I will, however, keep my concealed carry permit current!


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