Monday, August 24, 2015


Election Opinions as of the end of summer

First the Democrats: If there is no cover up sparked by Obama, Hillary Clinton will not be the candidate. I believe she will come very close to being indicted for her classified file sins. I have no idea who they would run in as a sub from the bleachers. The rest of the Dem field is far to left.

Now the Republicans: I am amazed at the progress Trump has made, but I do believe he will fade over a few months. The public is enamored of his blunt speech, but I am not confident he has much behind them. It is easy to insist that "I have a plan" for every key issue, but does he really? I am finding it difficult to choose from the rest of the 16 candidates, but I have always liked Huckabee as a straight-shooter. I suppose any of them would do a creditable job as president, and if Clinton doesn't run, any one of them could be elected fairly easily.

Therein lies my problem. If Clinton somehow survives her email debacle, someone of the Republican pack needs to stand out mightily above her. The only one that is dominating right now is Trump.  The rest are not making a real splash. If he fades as expected, who is ready to take up the fight in a dominating manner? I am still is a quandary about this.


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