Monday, May 18, 2015


Notes on our Liberal Government

 These are the days of;

--a seriously bent, even ignored Constitution;

--focus on creating a far larger and more intrusive government;

--criminal misuse of both the wildly misconstrued language of the law and of the taxpayers money to further greater centralization;

--our topsy-turvy and totally disastrous foreign policies;

--studied indifference to the existential threats posed by Islamic terrorism;

--a finely tuned ignorance or indeed indifference to the consequences to our children of a national debt of over $18 trillion;

--an education system that fosters indeterminism and fuzzy thinking from K12 through college, and on top of which the students are graduating with a huge debt and no jobs;

--a dearth of decent jobs for over 90 million citizens;

--and a defense department scaled back to a 1939 level.

These are just the headliners of an eight-year descent into hopelessness and disastrous changes, many, many lies and deceits, and fooling the public on most issues of importance by a liberal and progressive government.
We are poised now to repeat each and every one of these stumbling blocks for yet another eight years by electing a liberal nutty female-fruit-cake and her nutty man-fruit-cake to compete the damage of the Master nut-cake.


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