Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ebola Defense

Our slow-reacting President Obama, and a significant number of liberal elites and do-gooders, have demonstrated a total lack of simple common sense by allowing travel to continue from West Africa where now over 4,000 have died from this potent virus. At the moment there are some 70 to 100 people that must be tracked hourly for indications of Ebola in the US, one has died, and several others are hospitalized, the latest being here in Richmond, Virginia. We need a direct ban on travel from the affected areas to prevent further contamination and casualties from unwitting carriers of Ebola. Temperature tests at five airports is most certainly not enough, since the incubation period for Ebola is 21 days, which allows an infected person not yet showing signs of Ebola ample time to pass into the nation and infect many others. This go-slow approach compounds the possible infection rate in the US immensely, while a travel ban can be organized to allow the military, government agencies, and civilian humanitarian travel by plane, yet stopping the majority of possible carriers from entering the US. These humanitarian flights can also employ drastic protection protocols to prevent infection.

We need quick action, but that is not forthcoming from this administration.


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