Monday, August 04, 2014


"Cheap-Labor" Conservatives

There really aren't such people!

In my sometimes helter-skelter path through the web, I run across ideas that are dead wrong but seemingly very effective in debates. The "cheap-labor conservative" idea is the most recent I stumbled across that is simply wrong, but not easy to counter by a conservative in a few words or even paragraphs. The accusation is based on the premise that conservatives desire scads of immigrant workers and poor and disadvantaged people to feed their needs for cheap labor in our fields and factories.

Hence, they do not want to address the immigration problem head on, for instance, since it would most likely impact their cheap labor sources. The meme is cleverly applied across the board on just about every issue before the congress, including the minimum wage issue, since that raises labor costs for conservative business owners (who are assumed to be the great majority of all business owners and operators, which is simply untrue.)

Countering this meme in real time isn't very easy for conservatives.  Should they defend their record on the subject? Should they answer with the fundamental values system of the conservative movement? These would take more time that is usually available, and the very length of the replies can turn audiences off, well before they could see the true value of the definitive arguments presented against such labeling. Is there a simpler and shorter way to turn the tables on such a liberal or progressive attacker? I believe there is a way!

Here is my idea on how to turn it around:

The sources for really cheap labor are immigrants, migrant workers, the poor and the disadvantaged.

Yes, of course we conservative business people begin with these cheap labor sources, if they are available legally, and our ethical managers proceed to train these and all people new to the business in worthwhile skills, and raise their pay as they learn and progress. We provide them with benefits as they prove their worth in the introductory period. We end up with truly valuable workers that are well paid and most often stay with the business throughout their working lives. Even if they move on, as migrant workers do, they do so with new skills, experience, and often, high recommendations from the managers. We welcome back good migrant workers. We have raised their personal value, their pride and their life styles. What else would ethical and conservative business managers do with immigrants, migrant  workers, the poor and disadvantaged? We are truly a force for earned well-being for these people.

Furthermore, we true conservatives will have nothing to do with unethical businesses, their sleazy practices, and exploiting illegal immigrants! They are not part of the conservative movement.


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