Sunday, May 11, 2014

Republican and Conservative Plan for 2016

The most compelling situation we are facing in 2016 is a republican win sweeping not only both houses, but also the presidency. With that power lineup several pogroms and clean sweepings would occur:
1 ) regulations passed by the thousands in this administration would be purged.
2 ) executive orders that are contrary to republican/conservative ideals would be rescinded.
3 ) a host of resignations by current Obama loyalists would be accepted, and others would be made innocuous in dead-end positions There might even be a czar less WH!
4 ) considerable modification, additions or deletions would take place in ACA.
5 ) military expenditures would rise to create a defense force of great power.
6 ) the tax code would be subjected to a significant change, perhaps even revenue neutral.
7 ) the idea of forced redistribution of wealth would be tabled yet again.
8 ) a plan to reduce the number of government organizations and their budgets would be set in motion, along with their staffing levels and basic reduction of mission creep. BRAC would be the model. The usual cry to reduce fraud and waste would be emphasized.
9 ) Education would be attacked full force to foster better outcomes.
10) Government unions would be slated for elimination one way or another.
11) constraints on small business would be relaxed significantly to further job creation.
12) conservative financial efforts would be put in place to reduce the deficit and a plan to reduce the national debt would be promoted.
13) efforts to bypass, modify, or ignore the Constitution will be halted.
14) The elements of this plan will be massively promoted across the nation.


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