Monday, November 18, 2013


Tattoos are an Anathema

For those of us that are still in our right minds, it is totally devastating to see perfectly georgous women tatting themselves up in ever more daring and private places.  We now have tracks and proof of some oily man all over the girl, and the mere fact that she let him tat her most likely means she has unseen tracks as well from lots and lots of other men.  If you want your woman to be relatively pure (of course, it is too much to ask for virginity!), then stay away from the tattooed lady, even in the circus!

Whoa, dude! It's a pretty long jump to say a girl who has a tattoo has probably been enjoyed by "lots and lots of other men". You're an intelligent guy. You're just two centuries behind the times.
I thought that would get a comment of your sort. There is absolutely no way I can prove such a thing, but for a woman to have her privare parts decorated substantially, it is no jump at all! I mean really! A shaved vagina and a tattoo all around it! Tats around her nipples? Come on! This is sleeze of the highest order.
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