Thursday, July 11, 2013


Objections to Natural Law

Natural Law is not without its detractors!

As I see it, there are several principal objections to Natural Law. Foremost, is the sense that the laws are prescribed or revealed by God, and are presented to us in the Bible. Obviously, any agnostic or atheist would work hard to deny the existence of God, and thus the entire structure of Natural Law, although most would also agree that some of the laws make sense from a right reason point of view.

Another key objection is the question of morality: are there moral absolutes, or are all morals really relative in some way?  Modern Liberals tout the relativity of morals, and hence reject the basis of Natural Law ethics and morality. Their construction of law is therefore based upon particular reason alone, and uniquely for this society only, and they find it impossible that there are such things as universal laws, applicable over all mankind. This appears to be so in the face of the fact that the Golden Rule, for one well-known instance, is found in virtually every religion around the world in one form or another (there are many ways to phrase the Golden Rule!).

Other lesser objections are that Positive or Common Law must not violate Natural Law, which limits the degrees of freedom some seem to want in manufacturing many types of positive laws to suit themselves. That Positive Law must not do harm to Natural Law is eminently sensible and follows logically to the Christian mind, which reveres the Decalogue in its entirety.

Then too, many Liberal thinkers do not fully appreciate the US Constitution, and would love to make numerous changes to our Law of the Land, which is almost completely based upon Natural Law. Notable changes include, in their minds, repeal of the Second Amendment, and sanctifying both same sex marriage and abortion in the law. The right of the President to wage war comes to mind also as a change that has crept into practice.

Many of the centralization acts fostered on the nation in order to place far greater power in the Federal Government and less power in the States is also a major trend that has been apparent almost from the beginning of the nation. This excessive centralization of power is diametrically opposed to the original intent of the Constitution as established by the founders, and it fosters ever closer adherence to the tyranny of despotism.

Thus, this trend should be thwarted by every American that believes in this nation as founded.  


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