Thursday, January 10, 2013


An Addition to the Solution for School Security

Anything that delays or inhibits a shooter is a good idea.
I saw mentioned a good one: to put  bulletproof locks on the doors and classroom doors of schools. I have not explored such items yet, but it does present the shooter with a problem: how to gain entrance. If I assume that the doors are steel the shooter could not shoot out the lock by going around it. So that leaves windows as the other relatively easy entrance, unless, of course, they are barred. Let's assume they are. The other possible ways to get in are:
1. To wait for a late student and walk in with him. This might be stopped  by a monitor that unlocks the door, but if he does unlock it he is dead.
2. To wait for recess time outside in a good position.
3. To wait for end of school when students pour out of the doors, and run to their rides or the bus.
4. To target the bus or busses somewhere along their route.
5. To shift to another soft target, of which there is a large number.
6. To use an explosive to rip the door off of its hinges, a not unlikely possibility for a misguided genius.

Only (5) really serves the purpose of protecting the students, but at the cost of yet another soft target gathering elsewhere being attacked.

The other addition is surveillance cameras at all entrances and halls, and a monitor to watch the screens. This might help to identify the shooter earlier, and give a few minute's time for the police to arrive, and for the staff to be alarmed and to take measures, such as locking the classroom doors, to protect their students.


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