Monday, December 17, 2012


Gun Control--A further comment

The main issue in practically all school or theater shootings is the mental stability of the shooter. This leads to great difficulties in weeding out the potential nutcases, and ensuring that their access to guns is severely limited.  So many problems arise in identifying these nutcases that little or no action has been taken, except to focus on the guns and not the shooters.

Parents are reluctant to admit that their children are a hazard; cities and states are reluctant to carry formal lists of deranged people and let them be accessed throughout the nation; the medical profession is likewise reluctant to give out their diagnosis; and the definitions themselves of what constitutes serious mental derangement are at variance. Teachers are also reluctant to identify deviant behavior of their students except in the most glaring and disruptive cases.

So the simple-minded go for the guns, as we have seen in announcements at the highest levels of governance since the CT shootings. Thus they will attempt to penalize 99.95 % of the people because of the mental problems with .05% of the people, which in my opinion is grossly unfair. As I stated in the previous post, over 60,000 serious encounters are negated each year by potential victims bringing their guns to bear. This massively exceeds the loss of life from nutcases with guns in a year.

One wonders if there is another motive behind attempting to take guns out of circulation, such as disarming the populace despite Amendment 2 to our Constitution.


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