Thursday, September 06, 2012


Why I Will Vote for Romney

Here are comments in another commenter’s "I love Obama" template with the second sentence my reply in italics in each case.

1)       I’m pro-choice, he’s pro-choice.  I am pro life and so is Romney.

2)      ) I favor full equality for gays, Obama has finally come around on that. I am for human equality, but not in-your-face public demonstrations of the practices of homosexuality, which I abhor. Stay in the bedroom! Romney leans this way.

3)      I support universal health coverage. Obama has come close. I am for several levels of voluntary health insurance.

4)      I believe that the 1% (a group I’m in, somewhat to my surprise) and even the 10% have an obligation to pay some bills. Obama wants to let our rich folk tax cuts expire. I think it’s past time. I am for an equitable tax program, and it isn’t going to come from Obama. Massive redistribution of wealth is not on!

5)       I think we need to rethink our defense expenditures and make some serious cuts, Obama does too. I am for a strong defense, but there are cuts that should be made. Romney is for a strong defense and for reducing duplication, mismanagement, waste and fraud.

6)       I oppose war with Iran and I think Obama is reluctant to go down that road. I oppose war in general, but as above, I believe we may have to join that fight, and need a strong military to do so real soon now! So does Romney think this way.

7)       I am grateful to Obama for arranging the death of Osama Bin Laden. That is what any president should do. So would Romney, I believe.

8)       I support Obama’s drone war and other measures against Al Qaeda. I support active engagement with jihadist groups, GWOT. I believe Romney will continue the fight.

9)       I am gratified that Obama ended US torture. No torture has been policy for years. It was reiterated by Bush.

10)   I am grateful for the fact that we avoided a major depression bequeathed to us by the previous administration. I do not support crony capitalism, spraying money around without a valid business plan, no budget and other wasteful expenditures. I hope that fiscal sanity is true for Romney.

11)    I believe that global warming is real and that we should treat it as such. The effect is rather minimal according to several groups but, I do support continuous scientific investigations by truly qualified and honest men in the fields involved. This I believe Romney will support.

12)    I approve of Mr. Obama’s appointments to the SCOTUS.  I would support a more conservative SCOTUS by at least one. I am confident that Romney will try to put conservatives on the court.

Here are a few negatives for Obama that totally convince me, beyond the differences above, that he is far less desirable than Romney

1.       $700 billion out of Medicare that Romney will restore.

2.      Obamacare. Romney will repeal it and fix it.

3.      He will raise taxes given the chance. Romney is exceedingly reluctant to raise taxes.

4.      Obama broke his promise to halve the deficit.

5.       Obama lost our AAA rating. I expect Romney to work to get it back.

6.      No budget for three years and counting. Romney will force a budget to be published.

7.       GM fiasco on the taxpayer’s back and given largely to the unions. Cost so far is 25 billion. If this giveaway can be reversed, Romney will do it.

8.      Mostly tax cheat Czars (and one communist he appointed that was finally forced to resign--Van Jones) running the nation while he flits around paying golf (104 rounds), promoting himself, orating, posing, strutting and preening. I expect integrity in the Romney cabinet and appointees.

9.      He grounded NASAs manned space program, and directed the NASA head to conduct an outreach to Muslims as his mission! Not sure of Romney’s position, but I believe he will redirect this.

10.   He has governed as a highly partisan hack that let the Congress write the bills, race them through without reading them, then selling them with lies.

11.    Our borders are still far too open. The fence was supposed to be completed in 2009. He ordered his own amnesty program, and clearly intends to do more.

12.   Transparency in his administration was touted to the heavens, but there has been none.

13.   His use of the TARP money under his control was abysmal.

14.   We have had 8%+ unemployment for all four years, but really closer to 14% because of the people that stopped looking and gave up.

15.    The stimulus had virtually no effect on unemployment overall. It was supposed to bring it down to 5.6% by now.

16.   Where is the full accounting for stimulus financials? I expect Romney to run a full accounting of his financials while in office.

17.    As president he forced out the GM CEO, and has been regulating the salaries of Wall Street and elsewhere, a highly distasteful incursion into the private sector. This kind of effort will be stopped by Romney.

18.   His administration has readied 4,400 new regulations to go into effect when he is reelected. An estimated hit of $89 billion. Stopping this flood of new regulations is expected in a Romney administration.

19.   The bottom line is I do not feel better off today than four years ago.  I feel totally unsettled and uncertain about both now and the future if Obama wins another term. I even fear for the loss of the country I love to a bastardization of the Constitution and a socialization process that I deeply resent. by people I do not respect.

20.  He is maneuvering with H. Clinton to get gun control via a treaty with the UN, which is not going to happen on Romney’s watch.

21.   The added debt by Obama exceeds $4 billion over all other commitments by Bush. So we are now at $16 Trillion in the red. Romney I expect to work to reduce it.



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