Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Obama's Campaign

The Simple Strategy of Obama' Campaign

Obama is playing to the non-whites and just enough of the loony white left to get himself reelected, quite obviously. Redistribution of (share the) wealth, the implied promise of free or low cost medical care, equal opportunities and equal outcomes, further penetration of government ownership of industry, covertly open borders, amnesty of sorts, and manna from heaventhe government purchases him support and votes from these groups, particularly since it is these shortsighted groups that have little sense of the ultimate and devastating ideological issues involved, bastardizing the Constitution, anti-Christian attacks, nor the future of the nation, and they really don't seem to care. Nor do these groups keep careful track of the issues or the debates, the lack of jobs for about 14 million people, the $16 trillion debit with its promise of inflation, and the lies and fabrications of the left versus the right, and how the truth is eventually brought out. It is certain that the MSM won't help them sort it out properly.

Freebies are good, never mind how they are generated, and Obama currently takes claim to be the king of the freebies. That he doesn't expect much support from the main, largely Christian and conservative or moderate white groups is likewise obvious. In that he is quite right.

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