Sunday, July 29, 2012


Vote Romney

Preach common sense to your family!

The presidency must not be a popularity contest as opposed to a competency contest for the job of running the nation. I believe Obama has proven his incompetency and Romney has proven his competency, plus Romney is a moderate Republican, which trumps everything else.

We do need some serious leadership to wrest the nation from the clutches of liberals and their whacky and communistic compatriots–the progressives. We need someone willing to torch just about every Obama Executive Order, and fire or otherwise neutralize every appointed leftist in government, while turning over and making sense out of Obamacare, taxation, foreign policy, environmentalism, defense, homeland security, the CIA, the attorney general position and a clump of hangers-on, and whatever else Obama has tainted with his incompetency. All of it has to go.

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