Wednesday, July 04, 2012


July 4th, 2012 Independence Day

The Top of the Waves of History

There should be many soaring speeches this day, blessing this nation of ours, and leading us on to revere our forefathers, and our Constitution. There should be marvellous fireworks displays over the Potomac River, celebrating our great fortune to be born and raised in this wonderful and free land. We should remember those who fought and died for this country: their memorials are close at hand around the Mall, dominated by the monument to George Washington, our first and greatest general and leader. We should be exhorted to rise up as the resourceful people we are and help put this exceptional nation back where she should be, throwing off the yoke of failure that has brought us to our knees, to once again be riding the top of the waves of history every day. Most of all, we should thank God for His blessings of our homeland.

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