Saturday, June 30, 2012


Obama versus Romney--too close to call

Why is this race for the Presidency so close?

What can possibly cause about half of our population to remain fixated on Obama, his lies, and his progressive/socialist policies? Considering all of the negative information about Obama and his presidency that is readily available, it seems to be some sort of weird miracle that there are still so many people in his camp. It is as though people like him and they are willing to ignore his personal failings, his administration’s failings, and his terrible policies for the nation, which is a tragic form of madness!

In a hundred years I would never have imagined that so many of us are progressives/socialists/communists and not staunch middle-of-the-road conservatives. So I began to search for a few reasons for this truly odd behavior.

Reason number 1: The demonization factor. Radical progressives have demonized so many good rightist leaders and politicians that the average citizen has been swayed away from his normal beliefs.

Reason number 2: Buying votes. By sending money continuously to many of our citizens in need, or by promising new and better benefits, through all of the entitlement programs and policies he has either fostered or biased, the latest being Obamacare, Obama and his party have outright bought the votes of many citizens.

Reason number 3: Lying about taxes. By disguising the Obamacare tax situation, he has gotten away with a large tax increase, which allows him to disperse even more largess to his constituents.

Reason number 4: The Biased Media. Not only does Obama have the Bully Pulpit of the office of President, he has by far the majority of the media in his camp, so that he is blessed with a favorable press regardless of the actual situation. Most newspaper pressrooms and TV news programs are 9 to 1 left- leaning.

Reason number 5: Deviousness. Liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists are the most devious, lying people in existence, and use their smarts to further the leftist cause very loudly by nasty means. Their leftist cause is defined for them by a few so-called elites that actually do not have the interests of Americans or the nation first in their minds: their focus is on gaining power for themselves and their supporters to rule and prosper. They are constantly tearing down their center and right adversaries with fabricated or blown up accusations that end up being dead wrong, but the damage has been done in poorly attentive minds before the retractions slyly and quietly surface.

Reason number 6: The convinced minorities. Three major groups of people believe that the Obama administration and the Democratic Party have their interests at heart more than do Republicans. These are the Blacks, the Hispanics and the Muslims, that, taken as a block, count for quite a percentage of our citizenry.

Reason number 7: Ignorance. Unfortunately, many of our citizens are not well informed about Obama and his leftists and where they are taking the nation, and in their ignorance they accept the propaganda of the Democratic Party as the true stuff. Some are reflexive voters that follow the party every year out of pure habit, not realizing that the party of today is not their party of yesterday. I also suggest that many of our citizens do not know very much about their own government, how it operates, and whether those in government power are following the Constitution or not in their lawmaking. Worse, they don’t even care, it seems.

Reason number 8: The Conservative Alternative. It seems that we conservatives have not articulated the conservative message effectively to the majority of citizens in a timely and straightforward manner. We appear to use sound bites that are not readily contrasted with the leftist message, and we appear to refuse to lay our message out in detail, perhaps fearing that it gives too much ammunition to the enemy on the left.

Reason number 9: Leftist Drift of the Congress. A startling fact has emerged recently regarding the membership of the Socialist Party of America. Fully 70 of our congressional representatives are now, or were recently, members of this socialist organization according to this party’s October 2009 news letter. Our congress has been infiltrated by socialists, as has our presidency. These representatives are carrying the leftist message, and the anti-conservative message, however disguised, to their constituents throughout the nation, and thus further influencing voters leftwards. Conversely, that these men were elected to office means that they appealed to their constituents.  Fully 33% of Americans now look upon socialism favorably, again according to this party’s October 2009 newsletter, which illustrates the success of these, “our” representatives, in influencing us towards socialism.

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