Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Obama’s Second Term Goals—

Two Dozen of the Best Hope and Change Acts!

1. Visit every 5-Star hotel in America and make a speech as a cover for using AF-1

2. Play every championship golf course in America

3. Throw a party every third night when in town

4. Have a week’s vacation every fourth week using AF-1.

5. Visit every Muslim nation (and bow)

6. Forget about the budget each year—too busy

7. Break the previous year’s spending record each year

8, Write a new set of Executive Orders supplanting Constitutional rules each week

9. Veto all Republican legislation if they gain both houses.

10. Send wife on missions as often as possible

11. Raise taxes to cover spending orgies---via Executive Orders if Congress balks

12. Cut the military to the bone, except for the Presidential Units; but build a Presidential Army that answers only to the President

13. Dump most nuclear weapons as a unilateral gesture of peace

14. Expand government control via Obamacare and other maneuvers

15. Find ways around Constitutional blocks and the Supreme Court to do what’s wanted

16. Take steps to increase socialization of the nation and the dependency of citizens on the government

17. Seize control of industries: farming; coal; oil; transportation, education, publication, TV/radio, sports, and communication via the Czar system

18. Make it easy to seize private property and bank accounts for government use, or as punishment for not following the Obama line

19. Ensure open borders: Y’all come!

20. Grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants

21. Repeal the Patriot Act by Executive Order

22. Reallocate more taxpayer funds to support the jobless, poor and homeless

23. Seize control of the defense industry, starting with Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin, citing a national emergency

24. Seize effective control of the financial industry via deep regulation

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