Thursday, July 19, 2012


Islamists in America

If a US Muslim gives his full allegiance to Allah and the Islamic Leadership based on the Koran, Haddith, Jihad and Sharia Law, and gives merely a token allegiance to this nation in order to benefit himself and his family with the freedoms, liberty, economics and social opportunities found in the US, and if he raises his family in the same Islamic belief system, I suggest that he and his progeny are eventually a potential threat to the nation.

If the recorded 4.3 million Muslims in the US harbor as a guess merely 1% of their fellows that are truly fanatical Islamic Jihadists, we have a serious and blind or hidden problem of 43,000 potential terrorists in the nation. That is a significant sleeper 5th column. Blind, because we simply cannot watch and control so many potential terrorists. We must wait until they act, and suffer the consequences. If, however, the percentage is a lot higher, the problem becomes much, much worse. Who knows the reality? Of course, the majority of US Muslims are productive, law abiding, and good citizens, as Abedin most likely is.

Our religious freedom law is not a suicide pact, however, but it seems as if we are treating it as one, since many sects of Islam, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabbi, vow to eradicate the infidel and work to establish a new Islamic Caliphate when the time is right and the conditions are favorable. This may well not be for many years until their power, high birthrate numbers and influence grow sufficiently here in the US. We see this slow and steady accretion of power in the UK and Europe right now, and it has made real progress in the last few years.

Rather than sweeping this problem under the rug of religious freedom to our eventual regret, I suggest that it should be faced directly now: the question then is: How? I see no acceptable answer– none at all. I suggest that no FBI investigation or security clearance investigation or even an oath of allegiance would discover many of these people in our midst. We are eventually at risk of being conquered by the leveraging of our own law: failure to recognize and act on the peril.

Perhaps if we ignore the problem, it will go away. But that is not the American way, is it? Perhaps our collective conscience will gradually realize what is going on, and take whatever corrective action is needed to preserve our way of life. With this gradualism, though, it is all but inevitable that more of us will lose their lives to terrorist actions than otherwise, but I see no way to avoid it.

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