Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Loathings: Liars and Leftists

Let us rid ourselves of liars and dissemblers!

One thing I must admit to myself and to any others that are interested is that I have a number of deep personal loathings. These loathings may well get in the way of seeing the good in some of the people I loathe, so I must be aware of that problem and compensate for it.

So what are these loathings?

First and foremost, I loathe liars of all forms, and those who shade the truth or disguise the truth for personal advantage. I am thinking here of the likes of Obama, Bill Clinton and his wife for three examples. They practice the "tell you one thing (usually what you want to hear) and do the opposite" quite consistently. It seems to be a trait of many in the political field, especially on the left, to distort or hide the truth for leftist purposes. A further trait is making promises that they know they cannot keep, simply to convince the unwary that they are on their side. Total up how many Obama promises have been broken up to now.

The second group I loathe are those who, in their misguided mindset, wish to change our form of government towards collectivism in one or more of its guises: progressivism, secular humanism, socialism, or communism. Again, it seems that Obama and his cohorts are of this persuasion. These guises have three common characteristics, they lead to totalitarianism, they lead to a planned economy, and they lead to a Godless society, none of which I can possibly accept. The hallmark of such guises is the phrase "redistribution of (other people's) wealth."

The third group of people I loathe are the hypocrites that attack the religion of Christianity, while supporting Islam and its goals of world domination in the name of Allah, or at least allowing it the freedom to succeed and grow in our nation. On the one hand, they tear down our major national religious thrust, Christianity, and on the other hand they lend support to a most deadly enemy of Christianity, that of Islam, in the name of religious freedom. In my view, our religious freedom law is not meant to be a suicide pact. I believe it is true that most people in America do not know what Islam really stands for, or how extensive the threat to our way of life it represents.

When you have all of these sins working against you, as we do now under Obama, it is high time to change every one of the people in power.

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