Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Theories on the Attraction of Obama

A Truly Evil Campaign

It is obvious that Obama is following these sometimes redundant or overlapping tactics or themes:

1. White guilt about black slavery; vote for him, atone for sins and gain absolution (as if the color of the skin of our President really matters. It shouldn’t!)

2. Leftist political philosophy: non-discrimination in all things; moral relativism, etc (which flies in the face of a public that is 85% Christian in belief and at least 56% conservative in political outlook).

3. Democratic Party attraction; “for the little guy”, or simple tradition (“I always vote Democratic!” A simpleton's way to solve the problem of choice).

4. Massive media support, elevating him (a genius!) and downing his opponents by manufacturing sins (tarnished image now).

5. Vote buying through legislation and appropriation of benefits ( A crass political maneuver).

6. Mesmerizing speeches, using a teleprompter, and a smooth delivery (further tarnished now without the teleprompter).

7. Making pronouncements that correlate with the expectations of the voters (promises and commitments that are usually not kept, and not intended to be kept---a very long list!).

8. Stopping unpopular wars, demoting the military, reducing overseas commitments, and pandering to the pacifists in our society garners him votes, but with little regard for the follow-on problems in the world, or even a proper and timely downsizing of our presence overseas).

9. Pandering to the isolationist segment of society by reducing our role in the world.

10. Pandering to the social aspirations of atheists, secular humanists, socialists, and communalists.

11. Pandering to women by way of paid abortions, stopping wars, etc.

12. Pandering to the internationalists by way of further support to the UN.

13. Using Alinski’s Rules to tear down his opposition (He runs a truly nasty and gutter type of campaign, since he cannot run on his record).

14. Courting the Hispanic vote by way of going soft on Illegal immigration, and decreeing backdoor amnesty (Doesn't Illegal mean against the law?).

15. Pandering to the Anti-American sentiment in our nation by apologizing to other national leaders for the perceived sins of America (an arrogant idea in the first place, and an impossible task to try to dampen other's envy)

16. Pandering to the Islamic World. The Cairo Doctrine (now in shambles).

17. Putting his reelection ahead of the serious interests of the country.

18. Pandering to the millions of people not covered by health insurance by way of Obamacare.

19.Uncontrolled spending (to buy votes as above), allowing the national debt to grow uncontrollably, and no approved budgets for four years (total financial irresponsibility).


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