Sunday, November 25, 2012


Some Random Peeves

1.  What? We still have Obama as president?
2.  I believe we still have communists in the legislatures and the administration. Why? They changed their name to Progressives, and simply played a role to fool the voters to get elected!
3.  We need a serious plan to elect a conservative next time around! Who?
4.  Not only an election plan, but a full bore plan for governing the US!
5.  Our candidate (or candidates) needs to start selling this plan real soon now!
6.  Someone of extreme brilliance needs to create a conservative definition and set of tenets that sways the public in our direction. The public needs to be schooled in conservative principles.
7.  I shake and quiver at the debit, and positively faint at the size of the national debt of over $16.2 Trillion!
8.  The idea that we can print all the money we want and pay off everyone is fallacious! Anyone ever heard of the Weimer Republic?
9.  The positive blindness of the American public to the dangers of Islam is frightening. Israel's battles are an object lesson in Fundamental Islamic determination to conquer the infidels wherever they are.
10. Why we allow our president to block full development of our natural resources, such as oil and gas, is quite beyond my imagination.
11. Right on schedule the EPA has begun to issue some 80 of their planned 4,000 new regulations. We are now witnessing government by fiat and regulation, and not by legislation. This is disguised tyranny.
12. The government roles in the post-Benghazi affair stink to high heaven.
13. Why has the Ft. Hood shooting by a Muslim Major of 30-odd people called a "workplace crime", and not a terrorist attack?
14.  After reading Dr. Pat Michael's book on global warming, I thought we had been shown the light, but the specter of warming because of man's pollution of the atmosphere with CO2 has arisen from the dead, at least within the EPA, if not Obama's government in general. One degree of temperature rise in a century is no big deal, unless you want to use it as an excuse for other purposes.


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