Friday, December 28, 2012


More Peeves for 2013

More Pet Peeves

In the past few days I uncovered more of my peeves that just must be added to the list.

1. The awful bias of the MSM towards liberal memes.

2. The Imperial Presidency of a smug, narcissistic Obama.

3. Spending other people’s money is the Liberal's delight.

4. Redistribution of wealth seems to be the key to Obamaisms.

5. Welfare overkill, where too many people are in fact well off.

6. Buying votes by any means possible, including handing out free cell phones.
7. ObamaCare, which will ensure the deficit will grow in 2013.

8. Suspicion of voting irregularities, such as double the number of voters in a Pennsylvania district than actually live there.

9. Campaign finances out of control with not far from $2 trillion spent in 2012.

10. Regulation-happy EPA has 4400 new environmental regulations to issue this year.

11. White House incursions into the private sector, especially the GM and Chrysler companies.

12. No rational budgets for almost four years.

13. The fiscal cliff that appears to be looming ever closer.

14. Alinski’s Rules which are a shameful anti-democratic approach.

15. Ditching Iraq and Afghanistan, and avoiding Iran; so many lives lost for nothing, money spent in a futile attempt to rebuild the infrastructure, and Iran still working hard on their nuclear weaponry.

16. Poor strategy and tactics in Iraq, including failure to saturate the nation with troops at the outset, thus thwarting the insurgency, and failure to utilize the standing army, thereby giving a resource to the insurgency. 


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