Thursday, January 24, 2013


More Pet Peeves

1. Contempt for school systems that do not teach civics.

2. Those who champion gun regulations in the extreme.

3. The United Nations hypocrasies.

4. Liberal hypocrasies in governance.

5. In-your-face gay activism.

6. The continuing destruction of the image of womanhood: boxers, wrestlers, and now combat soldiers. (The rule: Don't date a woman that can bench press your weight!)

7. Concepts of governance inimicable to ours: socialism, communism, totalitarianism, Fundamentalist Islam (Sharia, Jihad), "pure democracy" or mob rule, liberalism, or progressivism, and many more.

8. The obvious existence of a large number of unthinking and stupid citizens in the voting public: proof is the election of Obama for a second try at ruining the economy and our way of life.

9. "Blame Bush", who ran up the debt by 7 trillion in eight years, as opposed to Obama who has run up the debt to16.4 trillion in half the time, and has four more years to best Bush by double digits.

10. The deluge of illegal immigrants and a permissive government approach.


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