Monday, April 01, 2013

Foundations of Conservatism

Here is a brief outline of key principles for the conservative movement

• Believe in God and approach every thought and action with love.

• Develop your own spirituality and faith to the highest. Heed the lessons of the Bible.

• Follow the gospel teachings of Christ, the Decalogue, and the morality given throughout the Bible.

• Help America to remain good and dominantly Christian, yet tolerant of other religious outlooks. Be especially wary of Islamofascists, however.

• Apply virtues ethics in your life: faith, hope, charity, as well as prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. Of all these virtues, prudence is the key for conservatives. Be fully responsible for your own life.

• Maintain the moral order of our society against those that would change it, especially progressives and liberals.

• Do no harm, or else minimize the harmful impact of necessary and legal actions affecting citizens.

• Man can be good, and man can be bad, even evil: be prepared for this imperfectability of man. Have zero tolerance for crime and criminals.

• Maintain our freedoms, liberty, traditions, customs, institutions, conventions and above all, property rights. Property ownership is a bulwark that defends our freedoms.

• Respect all individuals and strive for their proper education, livelihood, and health. Excessive welfare is poison to democracy, thus, welfare should be reserved for truly needy cases.

• Hold fast to natural law, rights, and duties, as embodied in our Constitution.

• We must institute a flat tax, budget spending yearly, reduce debts, and eliminate yearly deficits. Then regulate appropriately.

• National security is the main task of government. We must defend the nation against those who would corrupt or destroy it. Continued vigilance is the price of freedom, so we must maintain our military strength at the top.

• Restrict the courts to their proper role: that of interpreting the law.

• Strive hard for a community and national spirit in the basic building blocks of family, home, neighborhood, city, county, state, and, thus, nation.

• Get involved in the political process. Show your patriotism. Promote diversity of all types to avoid stagnation and stultification. Ensure that States’ Rights are maintained.

• Use your entrepreneurial skills. Building wealth is good, not evil. Wealth is a force for jobs, trade and financial stability.

• Strive for a better world: but, charity begins at home. Minimize UN influence.

• Promote practical environmental stewardship, neither that of the EPA, nor that of Global Warming freaks. Real science does not support AGW.

• Obey the laws of the land and civil laws: perfect them by legal means.

• Fight for border control against illegal immigrants, and deport those who cannot qualify for citizenship. Devise an effective migrant worker program to permit these workers to serve.

• Use checks and balances as a brake on power in a thoroughgoing way throughout government.

• Beneficial changes in government must be made, but no changes should be implemented without serious examination, test by trial of the consequences, and judicial approval.

• Change is necessary for a vibrant society, but we must ensure that the changes are incremental, not immediate. We must preserve the continuity of expectations of a stable society for future generations. Look for the long-term effects of any change, and proceed with caution.

• Changes in our customs, traditions, conventions and institutions must be validated by tests and trials as well. The wisdom embedded in these historical guidelines and rules is immense and must be preserved.

• Remain staunch foes of atheistic socialism, communism, and totalitarianism, and other forms of collectivism. Fight atheistic, liberal, and humanistic programs that do not mesh with conservative principles.

• The Bible records that a person exists from the moment of conception, thus, abortion is murder.

• The Bible also condemns homosexual activity, thus, same sex marriage is an abomination.


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