Friday, July 25, 2014


Campaign Promises

Is a promise not kept a lie?

In several sources I have read, the idea of keeping campaign promises has come up. The consensus appears to be that they are almost never kept. This is a very sad state of affairs, since the candidates for office were elected on the basis of their character, their ideas, their convictions and their promises.
For them to turn their backs on their solemn word or promises is tantamount to lying to the public simply to get elected.

We need to keep a careful scorecard of promises kept and promises not kept and why*. It is obvious that some promises made in the heat of an election may be a serious overreach once the man is sworn into office, and he faces the realities of governance. His duty in this event is clear. He should immediately set forth what he promised and why he cannot fulfill it. We see far too much dodging and weaving and not coming clean on promises not kept, and political excuses made because of an intransigent congress. That kind of promise, one that any fool could see will not fly, should never be made. The public deserves far better.



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