Saturday, July 19, 2014


Congressional Stalemate

Traditionalism versus Authoritarianism or Progressivism

Why is our Congress so dysfunctional? The fundamental answer is an extreme philosophical and political difference of opinion. On the one side, Traditionalists stand tall to defend the American Way and the tenets of the U.S. Constitution, which in turn is fully based upon the philosophy of Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Natural Duties, and on recognition of basic Christian values and religion from God.

These defenders of the Constitution clearly support keeping the national sovereignty secure, and bemoan the fact that there are far too many dysfunctional and amoral nations in the world to allow us to become subservient to a world government and world laws. They agree that there could be incremental changes to our Constitution, but insist that such changes be accomplished through the prescribed Constitutional method for making changes.

On the other side, Authoritarians and Progressives appear to envision an America that rapidly moves far closer to the Secular Humanist, Socialist, or Communist models of secular and Godless society, together with eventual worldwide internationalism for governance, where the ideal seems to be both equal opportunity and equal outcome for all citizens.

Save, of course their leadership class, who sit above this egalitarian mass with supreme powers to dictate the law, the division of wealth, and the way of life for all, while the elite leadership themselves are leading superlative, wealthy lifestyles. The Constitution is to them an impediment to their plans, and therefore must be ignored, modified, or changed completely and immediately to conform to what they believe is best for society. They promise to seek cradle to grave security for their citizens in return for popular support for their dictatorial plans.

We have seen many times how this works out in reality--eventual abject failure, since people cannot be molded into conformity, the government cannot manage the economy in sufficient detail to provide for the wellbeing of its citizens, the nation becomes a police state very rapidly, and typically seeks a confrontation, a foreign threat, on the international scene to bolster their need for control internally.

Is there any wonder that the Traditionalists strongly oppose this attempt to transform America into something like quasi-European Socialism or even a Gramsci version of creeping Communism? The only defense to this diabolical plan is to prevent their versions of law to be enacted at all costs.

The Traditionalists have few other weapons available, since their own versions of proper and constitutionally correct legislation are also blocked by the opposition's Progressives and their Progressive President. Progressive pleas for compromise in legislation uniformly turn out to be "You do it my way" compromises, which are rightly rejected by Traditionalists.

So we have a standoff that is fully recognized by the people with their opinion of Congress at an all-time low, nearing single digits! It may be true that about half the people are against the Traditionalists, and the other half are against the Progressives, but both are upset by Congressional inaction!



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