Sunday, October 05, 2014


Years of Catastrophe

Bread and Circuses from Obama?

We are faced with at least two dozen major problems this year and continuing for the next few years. This merely skims the surface of issues of critical importance! Let me enumerate them:

Domestic Issues

1.   Ebola Outbreak

2.   Economy Tanking a Real Possibility

3.   Jobs Still a Huge Problem: Many Stopped Searching; Low-level Jobs

4.   Government Incompetence From the President on Down: Executive Orders Flouting Congress; Massive Numbers of Regulations; AGW Scam; Obama Lies; Excessive Golf Trips; Stifling Small Businesses

5.   Fall of the Dollar, Loss of Reserve Status, and Loss of Credit Status

6.   National Debt Approaching 18 Trillion Dollars

7.   Military Weakness from Budget Cuts by Obama

8.   Mid-Term Elections Criticality: Reid Blocks All 345 Bills of Republican House Legislation.

9.   ObamaCare Disaster

10. Energy Development Blocks; Keystone Pipeline, Etc.

11. Water Shortages; Especially in California, and the Mid West

12. Debt Rollover Consequences; Inability to Pay Just Interest

13. IRS Scandal

14. VA Scandal

15. Firearm Scandal with Mexico("Fast and Furious")

16. Border Scandal, Tens of Thousands of Illegals; Porous Border

 Foreign Nations Issues

17.  ISIS/Syria/Iraq War; Lack of Positive Leadership

18. China Aggressions in SE Asia

19. Ukraine/Russian Aggression; Lack of Positive Leadership

20. North Korea Nuclear Weapons and Missiles

21. Iran Nuclear Weapons and Missiles

22. Israel versus Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria; Red Lines Mean Nothing

23. Benghazi Fallout; Lies Covering it Up

24. Russian Aggression in Former States

 Where is the blame for all of this? Rather heavily on the poor leadership of President Obama in many instances, and the liberal philosophy that his minions have pursued in every department of our government. The practice of closed government, not transparency, is a hallmark of this presidency. The number of outright lies by this president is shocking.

 A Parenthetical Comment

With all of the immediate impacts these two dozen critical issues cited above can have on the people, the Caucasian intellectual elites in and out of government have decided to make a national political correctness issue out of the name "Redskins" for the football team in Washington D.C. This is a silly, wasteful and self-serving diversion, and it should be relegated to its proper place in the scheme of things---virtually a non-issue.




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