Monday, May 18, 2015


Notes on Political Correctness

1.  There is such a thing as polite conversation.
2.  In polite conversation, swearwords and gutter phrases are shunned, especially in the presence of ladies. This is not PC, it is simply customary.

3.  Southern gentlemen customarily use polite conversation in public. It is a matter of upbringing, pride, and etiquette.

4.  There is also a movement for PC everywhere that is out of hand. We must push back in favor of simple and clear language, and not contortions or convolutions.

5.  PC "victories" are not progress. They stifle debate.

6.  There is such a thing as truth, and if PC is meant to be a way to avoid truth or ameliorate it then it is simply wrong.

7.  If I am called a white, and even “whitey,” by blacks, then I will call blacks "black". That is reciprocity. I will not recognize their favored name, or someone's favorite of the day for them, for it changes too fast. They are still blacks, and I do not mean to insult anyone, either.

8. In writing, there must be freedom of expression, and if the words insult you, then so be it. Just put the piece down and stop reading it, or else simply accept it for what it is,

9. People in groups, especially ethnic and political groups, need to grow up and develop a thick skin. Remember "sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me?"

10. Use of PC as a tool of repression is cunning and even diabolical and it is done on both republican and democratic sides. However, it is liberals and progressives that use PC to their own ends in a far more negative manner.

11. Context is important to usage; there is no sense in inflaming the audience or the reader deliberately, unless that is your purpose One must use a little judgment in one's expressions.

12. If someone takes offense at your turn of phrase, consider the source and move on. Idiots have a very, very low threshold for madness, taking offense and throwing around derogatory labels.

13. Real people do not talk PC and never will. Realistic dialog uses un-PC and rather unfettered language. I will too.

14. We have the personal conversation, the small group conversation, the auditorium or theater conversation and the broadcast conversation. Similarly for writing, we have the personal letter, the email, the blog, the magazine article, the newspaper letter or article, the white paper, and the book. Each venue appears to have a somewhat different set of PC rules, and a gaggle of censors and idiots to edit each of them.

15. If they attack you for some word or phrase, it most likely means they do not like your total message and are trying to derail you. They want to use what is, in their eyes, a single flaw to obviate your entire message, which is a craven and unfair tactic. They want to label you as a bigot, too, when what you are doing is calling a spade a spade (and not a "digging implement!")!

16. Language is a weapon, and it must be used wisely. But the mass of people are ignorant and not wise about PC and tend to follow the leaders on the subject unquestioningly.

17. Use the names God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with reverence as you will. That is God's desire and your right.

18. If you are Christian, do not listen to atheistic PC enthusiasts. They have an ultimate objective---to secularize the nation.

                    May God Bless America


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