Friday, June 19, 2015


2016 Presidential Election

The New President:  What Should He Do?

See that we Live Within our Means

See that we Pay off Our Debts in a Reasonable Time

Stop Earmarks Completely

Support Term Limits for Congress and the Supreme Court

Ensure the Strongest Military in the World

Ensure the Sovereignty of the Nation, and Police its Borders Well

Subdue Terrorists from the Middle East over There as Far as Possible

Rid the US of All Potential Terrorists Associated with Islamic Terrorism

Fight for a Fair Tax based on Consumption, and Reduce Corporate Taxes

Defend the Constitution as it is for Now

See that we have a Good, Free Market Health System, not Obamacare

Deemphasize the UN to a Welfare System not a Governing System

Avoid Supporting a World Government: Too Many Immoral Nations Now

Forge Stronger Alliances with Friendly and Democratic Nations

Deport Obnoxious Illegals of any Race, Color, Sex or Creed

Emphasize The Full Spectrum of Energy Development including Nuclear

Void Excess and Onerous Regulations from the Current Administration

Remove the Appointees of this Administration Completely

Oppose AGW Strongly: it is a Liberal Ploy, and not Scientifically Settled

Ensure Proper Care for the Needy, the Ill and the Crippled

Oppose Redistribution of Wealth Strongly: We Must Keep What We Earn

Restore Transparency of Government so Lacking Today

Debunk, Declassify and Publish Lies of this Administration for All to Read

Support Natural Laws, Rights, and Duties in Legislation Decisions

Reaffirm the US as a Christian Nation, With Tolerance for Others

Remove Spurious Interpretations of the Constitution from Consideration

Settle for All Time the Non-Separation of State and Religion Issue

Support Returning Election of Senators by Respective State Legislatures

Fight Wars if, when and where Necessary: Keep Options Open

Let the Will of the People Prevail if Possible: Be Responsive

Make Abortions Illegal, Except in Cases of Rape, Health and Incest

Make Same Sex Marriages Illegal: Convert them to Civil Contracts. But, obey the law.

Ensure that Presidential Powers Remain within Proper Bounds

Ensure that K-12 Curricula and Teachers are Properly Focused

Eradicate the Indiscrimination Meme from Our Schools: K-12 and Higher

Affirm Our Belief in Moral Absolutes, not Moral Relativity

Support Conservative Professorships Instead of Liberals

Devolve the Role of the Dep't of Education to the States then Dissolve it.

Outlaw Government Unions, and Phase Them out of Existence

Support Free Markets and Business in General

Stop Worrying about "World Opinion" Because it is Biased

Revamp All Government Agencies, and Remove Duplication of Efforts

Eliminate or Consolidate Agencies where Possible: Use the Sunset Idea

Make English the Official Language of the Nation

Marginalize Liberals, Pacifists and Progressives where Possible

Find Ways to Dilute Media Bias to Obtain a More Balanced Product




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