Wednesday, July 13, 2016


What We Do Not Need!

In this election year, thoughtful citizens should consider the following things we do not need.

We do not need the current and devious politics of: envy; arrogance; privilege; bias; bigotry; corruption; secrecy; insularity; hate; greed; and lying to the public.

Not again!

We do not need the impractical goals of: progressivism; political malfeasance; false premises; overbearing big government; rule by fiat and regulation; shredding the Constitution; emasculating the armed forces; hiding the true nature of the nation's fiscal and jobs status; taxing and overspending; thus maximizing the national debt; and overloading the nation with dubious immigrants that take American's jobs.

Not again!

We do not need Hillary Clinton!

Vote for Donald Trump!


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