Monday, June 13, 2016


Gun Rights Revisited

I support the 2nd amendment, and both open and concealed carry as practiced by law here in Virginia. It is absolute madness to try to disarm the general public while we know the criminal element and the terrorists will find a way to arm themselves in any event. That would take away our last line of defense and leave us helpless in the event of a deadly crisis. It is well established that the police will be at least fifteen minutes away most of the time, so that period must be covered by the citizen.

Likewise, I support the public owning semi-automatic rifles and pistols, since we should be at least THAT well-armed against the intruders. This is yet another reason I will not support Clinton for President. Any terrorist or criminal should be fully aware that he will face an armed citizen most of the time if he tries to do deadly harm. It is also obvious that owners of guns have the responsibility to be trained in their use and safety, and to understand the rules of engagement in their city.


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