Thursday, August 11, 2016



Although I have been extremely critical of Trump for his hip-shooting remarks, several facts about Clinton weigh heavily on me:

1) Supreme Court choices need to be conservative not radical liberal;

2) The 2nd Amendment must be preserved intact;

3) We need to continue exploiting our coal as well as other energy sources;

4) Clinton lies have become so blatant that she shows her mindset if made president;

5) Clinton will follow Obama Policies, massive Regulations, and Executive Orders, if not the rest of his leftist mess;

6) We need to address the massive expansion of entitlements causing our $19+ Trillion debt;

7) We need to have a strong military in this age of engagements and terror;

8) We need to clean up the government after so many truth-bending acts in all departments, especially the EPA, HSA, and Treasury;

9) We need an honest Attorney General and Justice department;

10) We must have a sane immigration policy.

I see Trump as proposing to fix each of these ills, and Clinton is arguing for the status quo.


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