Tuesday, May 30, 2017




Our hurricane woes are increasing; something must be done!


1.  Possible Wars:                 North Korea, China, Iran, ISIS, Iraq, Russia.

                                               Trump rebuilding the military, seeking allies.


2.  Immigration Woes:            Too many bad actors Illegally in the nation.

                                               Trump enforcing laws, building a wall.


3. Regulation Woes:              EPA (and other Departments) excessive zeal.

                                               Trump Executive Orders rescinding many.


4. Financial Woes:                 National Debt, Entitlements excesses, Jobs.

                                               Trump's ten-year resolution. lower taxes


 5. Christian Woes:                Agnosticism, Atheism rising, Morality falling.

                                               A national sickness no politician can fix.


6. Health Care Woes:            Obamacare failing; Trump Care going slowly.

                                               Trump fighting for a better solution.


Massive, mad resistance to the Trump Administration and Trump himself is hurting the nation. and is making resolution of these six hurricanes far more difficult, if not impossible, all due to obstruction and vengeful, fabricated personal attacks on the President and his Administration. The Democratic Party and secular humanism must be held accountable at the polls for this chaotic situation.



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