Saturday, December 24, 2011


Anti-Americanism of Progressives

Let us remain free from excessive government!

This progressive liberal idea that we should tax the rich and let others go free is just about as un-American as I could think of today. 

America was founded on a number of key principles, including: 1) individual freedoms to make one's way; 2) equality of opportunity to get ahead; 3) upward mobility to reach as high as your talent and energy can take you; 4) a free market within which to work; and 5) a voice and vote to participate in our government. 

We do not need the voices of fear, of envy, of intimidation, or of resentment to hinder our way of life, our desires for a better life, or our freedoms to get there without government interference, without excessive taxation, and without government handouts.

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