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Obama Administration Sins and Lies

Obama Administration Sins and Lies: A Phrase Outline (to be expanded)

For some three years I have been appalled at the state of the nation and the direction our President has been taking in practically every endeavor of his administration. In a pique of frustration, I have decided to identify here for myself some of the major aspects of my charges against both Obama and his fellow liberals. This will keep me in focus for the arguments that will be rampant during the next election cycle, and provide me with more complete ammunition against this defective administration. Some of these items run into each other and overlap, others are a part of long-standing leftwing ideologies that have finally had their chance to be legislated.

I did not realize the enormous extent of both lies and sins of the Obama Administration. Once I began researching the subject, however, I discovered numerous websites where the authors have addressed the same subject matter.  I intend to reference these sources and their URLs here as I develop the text to go with each item.

The outline:

1. Obama’s Lies to the people

2. The generalizing from particulars regarding Republicans and Conservatives

3. Demonizing the Opposition

4. Sloganeering their messages

5. Using the worst case approach

6. Ignoring or suppressing real problems in the nation that do not fit the ideology

7. Lack of transparency; closed door legislation

8. Spending, not cutting, and then trying to tax the people

9. Political Correctness/Multicultural Diversity

10. Anti-Christian campaign throughout the nation, led by the ACLU

11. Media bias is rampant and now well-documented

12. Upwards of 50 dominantly leftwing Czars run the nation

13. Obama’s excessive travel/vacation/campaigning costs in this era of financial straits

14. The Liberal Mindset

15. Legislation passed without it being read. “We will have to pass it in order to find out what is in it!”

16. Government by fiat: regulation explosion, Executive Order explosion

17. EPA excesses

18. Repeat the Line, true or false, in every possible channel

19. Government expansion through Obamacare and otherwise

20. The economy has tanked much further under this administration

21. Broken promises, both from the campaign and afterwards

22. Cronyism

23. Socialism or socialistic policies

24. Bailouts directed towards friends of the party

25. Corruption unchecked

26. Inexperience of the President

27. Incompetence of the President and staff

28. Chicago style of politics

29. Management/organization/leadership lacking

30. Obama’s innate flaws

31. Foreign Policy that antagonizes friends and supports enemies

32. Anti-Constitution efforts of the Administration, Congress, and the leftist courts

33. SCOTUS appointments

34. Allowing jobs to be lost by policies that could have been avoided

35. GWOT de-emphasis putting the nation in jeopardy

36. Leaning towards Islamic nations and peoples

37. National Debt of $15 Trillion speaks for itself

38. Redistribution of wealth as an objective

39. Incestuous relations with unions, especially the SEIU

40. Immigration Policies

41. Israeli Policies

42. Iraqi Policies

43. Afghanistan Policies

44. Iranian Policies

45. Stimulus for favorites

46. The Reverend J. Wright connection for 20 years and counting

47. The Bill Myers connection

48. The Eric Hoffer fiasco

49. The false idea that Republicans and Conservatives are anti-science

50. Health Care problems headed the wrong way

51. Anti-gun tactics and direction

52. Abortion tactics, RvW

53. The Acorn Connection

54. Add?


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