Monday, December 05, 2011


It is Obama Bashing Time Again

Obama's mean distance from the White House is about 500 miles.

He luxuriates on AF-1 more than any previous president.

The cost to the taxpayer for his travels is enormous because of the huge logistics cost of three or four support planes, extra security and communications, among the more expensive items.

It seems that he needs dozens and dozens of leftwing czars to run the government on top of his cabinet, all of whom have signed up to his Hope and Change plans.

His principal proposals for new legislation have the characteristic of increasing the national debt by trillions, without any rational means to pay for them except to hit the taxpayers again and again, in an orgy of spend and tax and tax and spend.

He wants to redistribute your wealth to those who make less, so that we reach a levelling of incomes across the board, regardless of the state of employability and reliability of the more unfortunate.

Obama is the SEIU union's best advocate and supporter, and he is well-compensated for his support.

He hates Israel and Israelis, and would probably let Israel go down the tubes to a Muslim attack.

Just a few of my pet peaves about Obama gotten off my chest!



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