Monday, November 14, 2011


Israel Beliefs--My View


1. Israel will make war with Iran.

2. They will use nuclear weapons, especially the EMP type to disable electronics and electrical systems all over Iran.

3. They will do their best to destroy as much of Iran’s military equipment as possible.

4. They will use their C-130 aircraft to haul MOABS to the nuclear sites, and will keep on bombing the sites until they are satisfied that the sites are destroyed.

5. Iran will fight back, using their surrogates worldwide to sabotage facilities, including many US owned facilities.

And, they will close the straits of Hormuz to tankers using their surface to surface missiles. Even US vessels will be hit.

6. The US will be forced to relaliate to open the Straits, and to stop Iran’s attacks at the core, while ensuring that Iranians in the US are not a threat.

7. If this is perceived as a highly probable scenario, the US may well decide to join the Israeli attack up front.

8. US forces would take only the Western and Southern parts of Iran to choke off their oil, and to destroy the hidden missile sites threatening the Straits. If Iran tried to attack US forces in those open plains without transport or tanks or artillery (mostly lost by the IAF arracks), our forces would obliterate them.

9. There would be regime change in Iran.

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