Thursday, March 26, 2009


Shudders of the Day: "Spend and Tax" Liberals

Watch out, Guys and Gals, we are well on the road to socialism!

So many shuddering events and statements have surfaced that I am overwhelmed:

Hillary putting blame on the US for the Mexican drug cartels: we use the drugs--Duh!

The latest budget of the Obama administration has over 8,000 earmarks.

Now we are going to create an Obama army, dedicated to him, using taxpayer dollars, under the guise of National Service!

This Administration is seeking authority to close down firms that become a hazard to the economy (in their opinion!). This is totalitarian!

The budget has a provision that puts aside over 600 billion dollars for health care. Our tax dollars are to be banked by the government to pay for the care of low income people. There has to be a better way than a massive government bureaucracy that returns little on the tax dollar.

Now there is a proposal to fund the media by the government! Shades of controlled printing we saw in Russia.

The other media proposition in parallel is aimed at shutting down talk radio, especially rightist stations such as Rush Limbaugh, under the guise of "fairness."

It isn't Obama that writes legislation, it is the Pelosi and Reid staff members that are going wild! They need to be stopped!

Ever heard of "Tax and Spend Democrats"? The new kind of Democrat is: "Spend Now, Tax Later."

Do you find it hard to keep up? That is the plan.

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