Monday, March 09, 2009


Why Progressive Taxes?

In that there are many other ways to reach fiscal stability.

Perhaps I fail to spot the problem here: who says that we need so very much government that we must tax progressively?

It is easy to establish that we need some amount of government to maintain an orderly and lawful society, to provide for the common defense, and to provide the environment for entrepreneural efforts. That there must be some regulation is easy to understand, also.

But, it seems that there is a growth of government functions far beyond what would be ideally needed simply to keep our society perking. Thus, there is a tax revenue demand that is virtually insatiable, what with government taking on the ever-increasing support of the non-payers of taxes, and the bailout of financial and other institutions that in fact should not be bailed out at all, and a drag of earmarks, pork and payoffs that must represent, as a guess, 10% of the tax load now.

So, to feed this monster we envoke class envy, and raise the rates for the high incomers, instead of doing the hard things: cutting back on marginal projects, reducing the size of government, finding greater efficiencies in government, cutting out the earmarks, pork and payoffs, and relying more on market forces to do the adjusting than to government intervention. Just to make it more obvious, lets then cut taxes for the other 95% of the people.

What we need is an austerity program, not a social welfare program.

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