Saturday, February 28, 2009


Pessimism Sets in on the Economy

Dreamland is not so much fun--it is very socialistic!

I have plugged along all this while, hoping that there would be sanity in this administration and the liberal Congress, despite all that history, my mind and my intuition told me about Obama and the left. No more.

We supposedly have a GNP of some 13 trillion dollars per year. Obama is proposing to commit that much in one year to his stimulating pork projects and dissembling directions towards the leveling effects of socialism and communism. It is to be spent over some time, of course, but there is no doubt that we cannot sustain that level of expenditures year in and year out, nor can we spend like madmen for a year or three, and then cut back by, 60 %or 80%.

Nor will the economy recover and forge ahead that far in the time allotted. Rosy projections of what the economy will do simply won't cut it in today's business environment. So we end up with the government owning much of the industry and banking in order to find some income to service the national debt. That is socialism, pure and simple.

We are being conned into allowing socialism to take over, I believe, and the means for stopping it are not obvious to me. I fear for the way of life of my grandchildren. I have too few years left to worry much about myself; I have had a long life. But my worry is that America will not be what she has been for my offspring, and that I resent. I resent my family's future being gambled with by a smooth talking socialist bent on changing America radically, and I resent very heavily those who voted this paragon into office.

I will master my pessimism somehow, and I will find a way to fight for what I believe is the right direction for the nation with all of my remaining breath.

Obama lied, the economy died!



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