Friday, February 13, 2009


I am Frightened--Socialism is on the March

Obama Leads Us toward Socialism

A very few days of Obama's Presidency, and we are beginning to see the man for what he is, and what he stands for: socialism, with a twist.

We have effectively one-party rule now, and it seems that no one can stop it from transforming the nation into a socialist nightmare--American style.

The so-called stimulus bill is a case in point. The bill was railroaded through Congress, not allowing time for its thousand pages to be read by any Legislator at all. We do not know what is in that bill, not fully, and I predict that it will contain provisions that Americans will chafe under, and rebel against. What we thought would be a reduced bill of about 790 billion dollars, seems to have exploded to 1.2 trillion dollars, as the markups turned out to be add-ons.

Clarification: The current bill authorizes 787 billion dollars, of which much is devoted to construction on highways, railroads, bridges, federal buildings, military building and the like. My point was that these expenses and others, will very likely overrun their planned budgets by at least 100% in the coming years, adding about 400 billion dollars to the total. One can examine the many building projects of the government during the past 20 years, where a 100% overrun is considered a success!

More then any other President, Obama is ruling by Executive Decree. He has already negated most of the orders of the Bush era by fiat, and without any transparency whatsoever. He has gone back on his campaign promises to conduct the business of the government in an open and transparent manner.

However, he has not reined in the presiding Nuts in Congress--Pelosi and Reid, or their corps of dishonest politicians. He didn't have real input into the stimulus bill! Instead, he allowed the Nuts to write it, and the Nuts turned the task over to their staffs. So it is the wild and woolly staffs that know in detail what is in the bill, not their fearless leader Moonbats.

Obama is angling to capture the Census Bureau, and put it directly under his thumb. Why is this important? The Census is the way we decide how many legislators we will have from each district. If you subvert the Bureau into a political pawn of the Democratic Party, guess who profits from this? Do you believe that the Democratic Administration will refrain from cooking the books to ensure more Democrats get into Congress? We will be faced with a Thousand Year Democratic Reich, if we can avoid the concentration camps.

Obama entered into correspondence with the Iranian Government before he was elected, telling them how he would be easier on them, so let's play nice. This is not how candidates should act behind the back of a sitting President.

His minions are about to introduce bills that disarm the citizenry, which is arguably the first step to ensure no uprising of an armed populace against his tyranny. All you have to do is watch each step to see where it is all heading: a socialist takeover of the government and industry.

Up front, he sounds good. He sounds like someone that cares for this nation. But his behind-the-scenes actions belie this. He has made a cock up of his appointments to senior staff, and his policies were just too much for Gregg.

Virtually all of the pre-election faults we found with Obama are coming true in spades. He is a little man with wrong ideas for the nation. He duped much of the nation into electing him with high-sounding rhetoric, but with little substance. Hope and Change indeed! For him. Fear and Resentment for us all. And, watch as the Constitution is altered beyond recognition.

The mid-term elections in 2010 are probably our last and best hope to derail this socialist train before it is too late.

We Want Sane Government
We Want Honest and Open Government
We Want Efficient and Cost-Effective Government
We Want Responsible, Strong on Defense Government
We Want Our Sovereign Borders to Remain Sovereign
We Want Conservative, Constitutional Government

We are not getting it now. The Moonbats are in control. You don't get out of debt by going into greater debt, which is the path we are on: the path of bankruptcy.

May God help us from our growing national misery!

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