Monday, February 23, 2009


Rightwords Birthday

Rightwords continues undeterred into year five!

The birthday of my blog scuttled by with nary a peep of recognition from me. The very first post was on February 7, 2005. If nothing else, I have been very consistent in my views since then, after I read some of them over again. You can see where the blog has not attracted many commentors at all, and only about six or seven thousand readers over the four years of its existence. I had little ambition for the blog to become a hotspot, since I can post less frequently than would be usual to maintain wide interest, I do have a somewhat restricted set of interests, and I did not elect to post on current news feeds at all.

The one thing I do miss, however, are commentors that take the time to challenge my thinking, and to engage me in debate on the issues, or to amplify on what I propose. The other day, I recorded what was perhaps the largest single day's visit count ever, which was 65, with not one comment. This paucity of responders is what leads me to seek other places to post my own comments, and then sometimes to backfill the posts here as well. Still, I did think that many of my opinions were of sufficient interest that they would draw intelligent fire from the opposition! Alas, that has not happened!

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