Thursday, March 12, 2009


List of Vital Issues for America

Here is my updated list as of march, 2009:

1. Christianity--growing its moral importance to our citizens.

2. Islam--recognizing that we are at both active and passive war with Islam.

3. Conservatism--getting the traditional fiscal and social conservative message to the public.

4. Liberalism--defeating their outrageous propositions to change America, and ensuring they do not have another opportunity in the future.

5. Education--revising our education system to give a better education, and take the federal government out of it. Let the states run education.

6. Science--honest, scientific tracking of climate change; energy breakthroughs; improve the environment, research on nuclear energy.

7. Globalization--bringing more nations back into higher wealth and lower poverty.

8. US Government--reforms in Congress, the Judiciary (SCOTUS in particular), and the Administration.

9. US Financial Stability--reform of the budget, reduction in spending.

10. UN and World Politics--deemphasize the UN in favor of friendly democratic nations.

11. World Poverty--work to end starvation of masses of people.

12. WMD Proliferation--stop it by force; carry a big stick. Give ultimatums to Iran and N. Korea.

13. Natural Resources--conservation of scarce resources is a must.

14. The European Union--partner, ally, or dedicated trade enemy? Walk carefully!

15. China--carry a very big stick. Reduce imports.

16. Social Changes in the US--preserve our effective institutions and traditions from socialistic, and communitarian changes.

17. Security--support the GWOT, keep the Patriot Act, allow all policemen to arrest, hold and deport illegals after a hearing before a local judge.

18. Immigration--cap the flow with strong, complete fences, deport illegals, create an effective guest worker program.

19. Corruption in Government--our legislators, judges, and the administration have gone wild, and must be reined in. It is not accidental that the immigration bill is being reinstated. Return to original intent of the Constitution.

20. Administration-- work to unseat Obama, his bunch of radicals, and all of the leftist Congressmen in 2010 and 2012.

21. Defense--Bolster troop power by two or three additional divisions, and continue major weapon programs, perhaps at a somewhat lower pace.

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