Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Some Opinions:


Limbaugh said it correctly if you listened and chose not to grab a statement out of context. He wants Obama to fail in his economic and social policies, because they are simply wrong. They are not conservative policies. End of story.

The Obama Sadga (Sad Saga)

Obama intends to sign the Omnibus Bill with its 9,000 earmarks, citing that it is old business. This is BS: it is his signature now that puts the provisions in force, so Obama is condoning once again a huge chunk of earmarks, and a nice chunk of pork and payoffs with our tax money. Funny how he can backtrack on his campaign promises at will, and does so all too frequently. What happened to “transparency of government” for instance? A further sad note: over 40% of the earmarks are from Republicans. We need to do away with earmarks altogether.

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