Sunday, December 26, 2010


Where Was Obama Born?

Cool it with the birther argument!

Whether any evidence to the contrary exists of Obama’s birthplace in Hawaii or not, we have an elected President that will serve out his term or terms. There is no reset or undo button we can press, much as it would be desirable to stop the plus changes to our debt levels immediately. All energies and focus should be directed to his and his party’s defeat in 2012, and not wasted on such unwinnable arguments. We need all of these progressives out of power!

If it is in fact a conspiracy, it is well-covered and virtually impossible to unravel, except by time and accident and human frailty—or devine intervention!

If it is not a conspiracy, which is heavily odds-on, then no amount of scrounging around or wailing at the wall right now, here or elsewhere, will result in anything but redicule, especially from the faithful!

So play the odds, and work on 2012 and all of the substantive issues in between now and then!



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