Monday, July 12, 2010


Current Opinions

The Oil Spill---It is just that BP be made to cover the costs of the damage to our environment and our people along the coast that were truly impacted.

The Obama Problem---It is increasingly clear that our President is underperforming where it hurts the people and overperforming where it costs the nation. It will take a long time for the nation to recover from his misadventures and socialistic/Marxist ideas.

Iran---Israel will attack soon. If Iran responds by hitting the US too, we will be at war.

The Market---Virtually every one of the financial and market advisors I use predicts a major slump soon, and it will brng hard times to the nation. Take heed, and look to your money!

The Elections---I hope the predictions of a significant reshuffle from Dems to Repubs really does take place, but I worry that we have no strong leader to keep the weak, the flacid and the nuts in line.



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