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A Call to Identify and Profile Elites!

Just who are the so-called "Elites?"

The accusations flow swiftly from Republicans: Conservatives, Libertarians, and other hangers-on. They accuse these Elites of malfeasance against the nation to their own benefit, and to the detriment of the average citizen. They accuse Elites of manipulation of the Congress and the President to favor policies and legislation that will profit the investments and the companies that comprise Elite portfolios. They accuse the Administration of furthering tax policies that favor the Elites. The accuse the Elites of influencing our governance in international affairs to their benefit. On and on the accusations fly that it is the Elites that are harming the nation for their own selfish objectives.

So I ask in all sincerity for those who accuse the Elites of any malfeasance to stand up now and name the names and tell the story of these Elites, who they are and what damage they are doing that we should react to, and what their profiles are.

Perhaps many of us are afraid of stepping up and telling the story of the Elites and their roles in directing the nation. Well, I did so in one of the very first posts on this blog, and, of course, I received no responses. It was a useless exercise then, and I suspect it will be so again, because of fear of retribution from these powerful people. Let others do the dangerous work of resetting our nation onto a better course, if they can. Or, just let the nation go in whatever direction they take us, and hope for the best in our lifetime. What about the nation that we will leave for our children, and our grandchildren? They must count for something in our lives today.

So my question stands. Who are these elites that are pushing and pulling us in directions that we may not agree that we should go? Tell us, please!

Here is my original post on the subject in 2005:

Pseudo-Masters: Elites

Who are the Elite? For years I have heard the term “Elite” to refer to some group of people that are supposedly of superior intellect and human insight, and who want to have the power to guide or direct our lives into more “rewarding” channels. From an number of bloggers I have read a definition for Elite groups that goes like this: The Elite today are composed of most university professors, the media owners and editors, many Hollywood activists, the current leadership of the Democratic Party, a bunch of columnists and writers of Left bent, and a slog of very wealthy, progressive limousine liberals. No one, however, ever identifies the lot of them by name in a list I’d call “The Elite.”

There must be a reason behind this refusal to name names, and point fingers at the crowd that wants to rule us anonymously from walled and guarded bastions behind the scene. My first idea is fear of reprisal by one of several means, each one of ever greater total impact: 1) lawsuits for defaming the name of some rich family; 2) attack on the list-maker in the media; 3) attack by means of stealthy economic sabotage; and even 4) harassment and physical intimidation by threatening phone calls or actual bodily harm.Those of us that want to know the enemy and try to battle them ( or convert them to reason) are handicapped by the lack of specific intelligence as to just who the enemy is.

When one pops up in the media, they are dealt with, especially the moonbats of the left, and the outspoken pseudo-elite from media. I would hazard a guess that some of the elite are drawn from the communist or Marxist party, the socialist party and the humanist party of today. For the communists and the humanists, I know of their manifestos that set forth their grand and provably-impossible, Utopian ideas for governance. The socialist party statement of principles serves the same purpose.

The interesting point is that most of these people seem to have four common characteristics: 1) foremost, they are well-to-do or wealthy and their ideas for everyone hypocritically do not include sharing their wealth or reducing their large salaries; 2) they thus have time to play “ If I Were King” Utopian games which soothes their huge egos; 3) they have a higher than normal IQ and believe strongly in their intellectual and organizational abilities to do things better; and, 4) they somehow get connected with the radicals that swarm around in dark, stinky tunnels, and believe they are helping someone important to a better way of life, or some other altruistic idea, fostered on them by the radicals. They are deluded, duped and end up buying into the song of the radicals. Or else, in their ego-driven games, they believe that their participation in radical left movements will bring them into political power here in the US. Added: They may well be right!

I would like help in building a list of organizations and individuals that are of this mindset. My starter list is given in the archives under “The Shunning List.”

The Shunning List

The only weapon I have as a private citizen, other than the vote, against the blasphemers of the constitution and laws, the Elite, the America haters, the obstructionists, and the liberal twits is to ignore them. They do not respond to logic, they do not respond to patriotism, they do not respond to ethics, or etiquette, nor do they speak with a straight tongue. When I thought about it, I decided to make a list of those who I felt had earned the right to be ignored; in short, to be Shunned.

Thus was born The Shunning List. What does shunning entail? Act as if that person does not exist. Do not read their words, do not listen to their speeches, do not watch them on TV or in the movies, and do not socialize with them. Further, those who rise to their defense will likewise be shunned (I hope none of my favorite people defend any who are shunned!). I would not interfere with these people, nor constrain their rights as citizens, but I do not have to be assaulted by their thoughts.

How are the people selected for the list of The Shunned? By their words and deeds as seen through my own filter. My filter is that of a Christian believer in God, where love, truth, honesty, conservative thought, and fighting evil are all paramount.Categories of The Shunned: There are a number of broad categories of people I am inclined to shun, but I would seek evidence to confirm my suspicions: Secular Humanists and Liberals, Socialists and Communists (Democrats are always under suspicion for actually being one of these!), the Hollywood Activists, Liberal Professors, Activist Judges, those who hate America worldwide, and terrorists and their organizations.I have no time for such people.

Of course, I cannot achieve a full and complete shunning! I would be foolish not to pay attention to what the internal and external enemies of our country are saying and doing! This isn’t meant to be a “head in the sand” tactic, but rather a selective approach to the shrill cries and demagoguery of the Left, and a constant reminder of where these people stand in the pantheon of nuts. Many of them go to legal extremes to carry their point, or try to, such as the ALCU. But I would avoid supporting them in any way I can, such as not going to their movies, or buying their books or other products. There will always be those trusted bloggers who will analyze the latest rants from the Left and summarize them for the rest of us, so I can avoid much of the drivel directly, unless I have the urge to take the measure of one of these nutcases from time to time.

The reason for this Shunning is simple. If I immerse myself in the evil words and images, and the awful actions and speeches from the Left on a daily basis, it will affect my disposition in a horrible manner. My rage at some of these idiots is fierce and body-wrenching! So, as a self-protection measure, I am pulling back, and simply voting with my Shun list. There is a sense of gratification in adding a new name to the List! There! Take that, you wacko! Lurking in the back of my mind is the thought that maybe others feel the same way. What if they joined me in creating a Super List and actually Shunning the people on it? A grassroots effort would be promoted simply to trivialize and ignore the irrelevant kooks in our society! Inculcating an “Oh, Him!” reaction to the Listed Ones. And letting the world know who is to be listened to about America and who is on The Shunning List. We might soon be able to retire some of these pains in the ass to their Malibu or Cape Cod homes.

Added: This is not easy now in 2009 with the Left in charge of the nation, led by Barack Obama!

A list of names is all I will present for the moment. Later, I plan to use quotes to illustrate why that person is on the list, much as John Hawkins has done. But, go see his site and read the reasons for his list. I am developing a list of organizations as well that deserve our contempt and shunning. Here, however, paying attention to them may be far more important, so the list will serve to alert a few people to the left-driven organizations we must deal with over time.
The Shunning List(This list comes from my reading and TV viewing, but my somewhat aging memory has been greatly aided by John Hawkin's list of the most annoying liberals for 2002, 2003, and 2004, whose blog, Right Wing News, is outstanding!)

Al Franken
Al Gore
Al Sharpton
Alan Colmes
Alec Baldwin
Andrew Sullivan
Barack Obama
Barbara Boxer
Barbra Streisand
Barney Frank
Bernie Sanders
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Bill Maher
Bill Moyers
Bruce Springsteen
Bryant Gumbel
Carol Mosley-Braun
Charles Rangel
Charles Schumer
Chevy Chase
Chris Dodd
Chris Matthews
Cinthia McKinney
Dan Rather
Danny Glover
David Benior
David Souter
Dennis Kucinich
Dianne Feinstein
Dick Gephardt
Dustin Hoffman
Ed Asner
Eleanor Clift
Eleanor Smeal
George Clooney
George Soros
Gore Vidal
Harry Belafonte
Henry Waxman
Hillary Clinton
Howard Dean
Howard Stern
Ibrahim Hooper
James Carvelle
Jane Fonda
Janet Reno
Jennifer Aniston
Jesse Jackson
Jim Jeffords
Jim McDermott
Jimmy Carter
John Corzine
John Edwards
John Gere
John Kerry
John Zogby
Julianne Malveaux
Kitty Kelley
Kofi Annan
Larry King
Leonard Pitts
Leslie Moonvess
Linda Ronstadt
Martin Sheen
Mary McGrory
Maureen Dowd
Max Cleland
Maxine Waters
Michael Moore
Mike Farrell
Nancy Pelosi
Ralph Neas
Noam Chomsky
Norman Mailer
Paul Krugman
Peter Arnett
Ralph Nader
Ramsey Clark
Richard Berthold
Robert Byrd
Robert Scheer
Robin Williams
Ron Reagan, Jr.
Rosanne Barr
Rosy ODonnell
Russ Feingold
Sean Penn
Susan Estrich
Susan Sarandon
Ted Kennedy
Ted Koppel
Ted Rall
Ted Turner
Teresa Kerry
Terry McAuliffe
Tim Robbins
Tom Brokow
Tom Daschle
Tom Harkin
Walter Conkite
Warren Beatty
Whoopi Goldberg
William Kuenstler
Woody Allen
Woody Harrelson

Several names have been removed from the original list as they have died in the meanwhile. R.I.P.

Many authors have railed against the Elites and their practices in the previous few years, including, in no special order:

Mona Charin-Useful Idiots
Bill O'Reilly-Cultural Warriors
Bernard Goldberg-100 People Who are Screwing Up America
David Horowitz-The Politics of Bad Faith
David Horowitz- Unholy Alliance
Jed Babbin-Inside the Asylum
Laura Ingraham-Shut Up and Sing
Keir Alfia and Alan Lipton-A Field Guide to Left-Wing Wackos
Bernard Goldberg-Arrogance
David Horowitz- The Professors
Peter Schweizer-Makers and Takers
Grover Norquist-Leave Us Alone
Ann Coulter-Traitors, and many more

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