Thursday, February 17, 2005


Liberals I Know

Liberals I know are against war, period. Never mind who, when, why, or how, they will war to prevent war. Having failed to prevent war and death, they will then war to stop war. I believe the concept of a "just war" is alien to liberals. So, fundamentally, they are against anyone who propels us into a shooting war: Bush in particular. It is also true that the Left abhors the thought of pouring "their" money into the sands of Iraq, instead of into programs that benefit their causes at home.

They are fighting their rearguard action to get us out of it as soon as possible. This moral and idealistic aversion to war is admirable on purely humanitarian grounds, but totally unrealistic in the real world. All of history attests to the fact that mankind is often at war.

This rearguard action they have been and are now undertaking gives great aid and comfort to the enemy, either intentionally or not. I think most Liberals are quite aware of that fact, since they are not stupid. The game plan is strikingly like that of the home front and MSM during the Vietnam era. They know that withdrawing from Iraq too soon would be a humiliating defeat for us, and, perversely, they welcome our setbacks and losses while we are still engaged there. To the Left, even the body count of our soldiers lost is used and amplified as though it were a wholesale slaughter. One of our soldiers death isn't worth ten of the terrorists to the Left.

Thus, I have to believe there is a huge ulterior motive the Left has in persisting with their negativism and seeming hatred of America and her motives in the midst of a war. If I begin with the historical ideas of the Liberal mind, I come to a simple conclusion: there is a Marxist conspiracy, or worse, and the defeat of America is their ultimate objective.

At this time, I suggest that the Liberal Elite see common cause with Islamic Fundamentalists, in that the clash with Islam will weaken and hasten the demise of the USA as we know it. The Left will be there at the end of the day (they believe) to put some brand of totalitarian Communism (utopianism) into play that their program is fostering.


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