Tuesday, February 08, 2005


The Sneaky Marxists

The abject failures of Socialism and Communism in the period after The Cold War have been documented thoroughly. Leftwing idealists, however, continue to flourish, especially in our universities. Why is it that the proof of the bankruptcy of their ideas, when reduced to practice, seems not to have fazed the Left at all? They seem to have rebounded from these catastrophes as if nothing has happened. Part of this must be self denial...it didn't happen! Another part of it is the more or less permanent existence of the utopian dream of the egalitarian state, coupled with a myriad of excuses as to why the USSR failed miserably. In the eyes of the dreamers, it was the implementation-- not the dream-- that was at fault. Then too, roiling around in the back of their heads is the idea that one day the Elites will call the tune! the Elites will take over America, and it is the Leftists that provide the shock troops of the revolution.

In the classic model of events leading to Communism or a brand of Socialism that is virtually identical, the existing society and all of its moral, ethical, legal and spiritual institutional underpinnings must be destroyed before the move to Communism can be effected. The current lot of Lefties is busily undertaking that very thing now by dumbing down our education system (very effectively too!), capturing the roots of our intellectual enterprises in the universities (also with huge success!), infiltrating our governing institutions of Congress, the Administration, and the Judiciary (activist judges subverting the Constitution), and uprooting our religious institutions and clergy (with startling success!). Under the banner of equality of outcomes, rather than equality of opportunity, they are pressing forward on many fronts, in many state legislatures, and in the Congress.

This is the state of affairs that has goaded me into blogging. I am adding my voice to the opposition of these subversions of our democratic republic. The first question I will address in following posts is whether all of these diverse and destructive actions are truly organized and directed by a small group of "Elites", what evidence is there for it, and who are these Elites anyway? Know thy enemy!


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