Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Conservative Issues (as of this date)

Conservative Issues

I think the Administration, and Congressional Republicans should go on the offensive, using every channel to voice the Republican/Conservative message NOW! Energy spent now to keep the message before the public and to excite the Liberals to more and more stupid rhetoric, will allow smart counters to keep the ball rolling. We should keep the positive issues before the public and force the Liberals to respond. Then we should chart the differences for all to see.

My hot-button issues are:

1) Immigration: Stop illegal entry and rid the country of illegal aliens. A work program is fine, if it is properly controlled.
2) Terrorism: Take the fight to them wherever they are. Recognize that we are at war with Islam. Declare War or Islamic Fundamentalists, as they have declared war on us. Mobilize as needed.
3) Abortion: Repeal Roe vs Wade. Abortion should be reserved for critical, life or death situations only, and not be an “on demand” thing.
4) Security Forces: Build the border security force, build the Armed Forces for both fight and occupation. We will need a much larger force in the near future tuned to the roles we have now.
5) Social Security: Map out the reforms clearly, and the reasons for them, then pass it. Personal accounts are good.
6) Identification: We should have personal IDs registered at the police department. This would aid the immigration problem. I have had a picture ID from the government all my life, it seems, so I have been habituated to it. So far, on balance, I see good in a National ID.
7) States Rights: The individual States should have the right to legislate their security, including how their borders will be protected, over and above Federal Laws, such as the right to deport illegal aliens.
8) Judicial Activism: Judges who make ridiculous decisions extending the constitution should be removed, and their decisions rescinded. Put constitutionalists in the Supreme Court.
9) Education: We should ensure that Universities, High Schools, and Grade Schools teach our children correctly, and not brainwash them in liberal thinking and hate for America. Pass freedom of education provisions.
10) Politically Correct Speech: Dump it! This violates the First Amendment. Further, it is a matter for polite society and not legislation or regulation. Do not pass hate crime laws.
11) Gay Marriage: Leave it to the States. Most will reject it. Do not recognize other States Laws on this matter.
12) Gun Legislation: Rollback many existing laws (80,000 are on the books!)and defeat any further gun legislation. It would be best to have an addendum to the 2nd Amendment clearly spelling out the rights of the citizens to own and use guns where appropriate, as well as to the right of self-defense under spelled out conditions nationwide.
13) Christianity: Ensure by law that Christians can display their symbols and the Ten Commandments, or whatever is appropriate, in public places, on coins, in oaths of office, or wherever. If this takes an Amendment, so be it.
14) Secularism: Defeat any and all secular-driven laws and policies.
15) Sue the ALCU: At every turn we can, institute preemptive lawsuits against the ALCU. Drown them in defensive suits. Do the same for the teacher’ unions-- NEA, and the other.
16) Death Penalty: Ensure it is in force.
17) Minimum Wage: No increase.
18) Health: Work for a bipartisan solution to all aspects in an omnibus bill. However, do not create a huge government bureaucracy in the process.
19) Trade: Free trade is highly desirable. Support free trade agreements.
20) Energy Policy: Drill for oil where found. Build nuclear power plants, Invest in hydrogen power. Encourage hybrid autos, industrial waste curbs.
21) Taxes: Keep cutting taxes and decreasing the size of government-- by starvation of funds. Tax reform! True reform would benefit all. I support a flat tax, and not progressive taxes.
22) English: The official language of America should be made law—English.
23) World Government: Vote NO on any such issue. Make the UN truly marginal, and create a coalition of democracies to counter the UN. Withdraw substantial financial support. Let the loony leftists and handout experts have their UN, but not at our expense.
24) Environment: A rational environment policy is a good thing. Anti-Kyoto Treaty. Clean air, clean water, absence of toxins are good.
25) Welfare: Help the truly needy, but administer the programs correctly. Weed out the riders, the healthy workers, the alcoholics and the dopeheads. Restart both Hospitals for the mentally ill or addicts, and homes for displaced children (Orphanages). Improve adoption laws. Weed out the overpopulated Social Worker category. Get crazies off the streets and into places where they can be cared for. Do not reward women for having more babies. Rescue children from totally irresponsible parents, and give them the chance to be adopted by loving people.
26) Politics: Defeat at the polls: Clinton, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Bayah, and the rest of the Hard Leftists.
27) Corporations: Corporate malfeasance should be rooted out and punished.
28) Research and Development: The life-blood of our future lies in the hands of scientists and engineers. There should be adequate funding for many levels of R&D. This includes nuclear, biological, physics, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, computing, medical and engineering sciences. I am dubious about R&D for soft sciences, especially if the so-called scientists entertain notions that promote discord and anarchy in the country. Chomsky is an example. Academic freedom is fine until it makes deliberate attempts to undermine our form of government.

In my old age, I seem to be getting hidebound and reactionary! Perhaps it is because I value life, but I don't have all that much of it left. I am impatient to see problems solved and bad people thwarted—even killed. I firmly believe that we Republicans must not only win in 2006 and 2008, but by a huge margin. Any drift to the Left must be stopped. It is fine to have a two-party system when they both have the best interests of the country in their hearts, but today I cannot see that the Democrats have this interest. They are more interested in tearing down institutions or laws they don’t like, running down America, or working to assure their own reelection from some Leftist State.


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