Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Humanism and Communism--Can they get along?

Humanism (Leftists) vs Communism

If you look for common ground to cement a temporary working truce between the Humanists and Communists, here are some starting points. Of course, after the truce is ended, which presumably would be when this coalition has won their prize—America—there would be a night of the long knives between them for total control! Here is the list:

Religion: Both reject Christianity, and mystical religions or God,

Separation: Both want separation of church and state,

Sharing: Both demand forced sharing across the society and the world,

Elitism: Both require government by elite members seeped in the correct ideology,

Education: Both require indoctrination in schools for right thinking,

Morals: Both reject morality of religions, and support moral relativism,

Children: Both want to have control of children from the earliest age,

Property: Both want to control property: it is merely a matter of degree between them,

Science: Both base themselves on “Science”, especially “Soft Sciences”,

World: Both support a sovereign Planetary Government that follows their principles,

US: Both are anti-US in their every move as it stands now: anti-sovereignty,

Terrorism: Both are against the War on Terrorism, including the Iraqi War,

Naturalism: Both believe in Scientism, evolution, and that only measurable things exist,

Constitution: Both want fundamental changes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights,

Members: Both have a large constituency in the US: including the “Elites”,

Methods: Both are dedicated to change by subterfuge, hiding their real motivations,

Actions: Both are active now in attempting to change the US: and have common causes,

Control: Both want absolute control of government.


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